Audio/Braille/tactile Access to STEM using LEANMath and IVEO

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Thursday, February 01st
4:30 PM to 5:30 PM


John Gardner, ViewPlus Technologies, Inc.
Cary Supalo, Educational Testing Service, Dr


STEAM education for students with visual impairments is a challenge for access technology. Furthermore, high stakes assessments can and will require all test takers to write algebraic and other mathematical expressions and read graphical information. Although products are available that partially address access problems, the math and graphics applications that are subjects of this lab are the first truly universal solutions. Cary Supalo will lead Participants in learning how to use the audio/braille-accessible LEAN Math open source application as an interface to MS Word+MathType. John Gardner will teach participants how to use ViewPlus IVEO Player to access graphics. Authoring/conversion applications for creating accessible graphics will be demonstrated or described but not be used by lab participants. LEANMath, and 30-day versions of MathType and IVEO Player will be available for installation during the lab. LEANMath, and 30-day versions of MathType and IVEO Player will be available for installation during the lab.

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Learning Objectives

First Learning Objective Create a simple equation in Word+MathType using any one of three methods of access (visual, audio, braille)
Second Learning Objective Describe how read a chart using one of four methods (visual, audio+visual, audio+tactile, braille+tactile)
Third Learning Objective Describe two ways that audio/braille/visual/tactile universally-accessible diagrams can be made (created using applications that can save directly in accessible format or by transforming inaccessible electronic images or images scanned from paper to accessible format)

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